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ARC Metro North 1st Health and Safety meeting 2016

Last January 26, 2016 at 9:00-12pm, our Health and Safety Department had its first meeting held at Kaybiga Plant sales office for the year 2016 which was attended by the members of the committee from the different areas/departments concerned along with our previous officers, our ASMs, supervisors, safety inspector and our Plant Controller -Mr. Rick N. Reyes. One of the highlights of the meeting was reiteration of the duties and responsibilities of the committee.

They have also discussed the plans and programs and some issues/concerns such as evacuation plan, accredited hospitals, clinics and fire/police stations and lastly the hazards in the workplace. It was indeed a success as they were able to address the concerns set to be considered; nonetheless they were able to tackle the things that they need to address.

Ms. Joan Austria- QA Supervisor of Kaybiga plan sharing insights regarding safety concerns

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