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ARCLympics 2016

Every last week of the month of February, we continue to build a culture of cooperation and teamwork by having our yearly event called the ARCLympics. This aims to unite and develop camaraderie among our employee, thus bringing them closer and united. Like the previous years of ARClympics, this year’s event was held last February 28, 2016 at Marikina Sports Center and was joined by all plants in Luzon namely: Corporate, Canlubang, Kaybiga, Antipolo A & B and Pampanga.

The concept of this year’s ARClympics was “Family Day”. Since February 28 falls on a Sunday, we would like our family to join, spend time together and enjoy the sports and activities prepared by the corporate office. Thus, All Employees can bring their families as they can also play and enjoy our fun games.

The games rekindled the spirit of competitiveness and teamwork. It is aligned with our value of competing with our best self and achieve excellence. It also is aligned with our value of forming relationships- with our co-workers from other departments, functions and plants. It was, indeed, a success as we have served the objectives of our program.

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