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Commitment Sign-off

The Commitment Sign-off is usually done to bring out the spirit of “Dedication and Enthusiasm”, while delivering the volume targets and Sales output distribution. Those of which are strategically aligned in all aspects of engagement and service delivery of our company, ARC. This is a nationwide program per plant that is joined by all support groups and departments as they will contribute eventually to the goal of this sign off.

This year’s Commitment Sign off has already started last January 2016, participated primarily by various plants such as Canlubang, Kaybiga, Pangasinan and Pampanga. By having these “commitments”, we are aiming to be more voracious in attaining the committed target volumes with eagerness and fervor.


A basketball inspired 2016 Commitment Sign-off Ceremony was held last January 29, 2016 and attended by the MANCOM members of ARC-Central Luzon Plant and Mega Asia Bottling Corporation Pampanga- headed by Ms. Patricia B. de Guzman (Plant Manager), Mr. Crizaldo A. Esguerra (Regional Sales Manager), Mr. Perry T. Lascuna (Regional Finance Operations Manager) and Ms. Remedios S. Torres (HR Manager for TA, ER & LR).


Kaybiga Plant 2016 Commitment Sign off Ceremony was held last January 30, 2016 at Kaybiga Sales office where several speakers presented and facilitated the said event, namely: Mr. Perry T. Lascuna, Mr. Ricardo Reyes, Mr. Jojo Esguerra, Ms. Joan Austria, Ms. Mhajoy S. Biag, Mr. Jumar Tuogan, Mr. Tope Garcia, Ms. Jasmin Rosales and Mr. Cenon Cabanas (Production Mega Asia)



As the year 2016 kicks-off, Sta. Barbara Plant is already at its 2nd year & half of successful operations- This in which they have opened our year with a bang! Their commitment sign off happened last January 22, 2016. The First presenter of the said program was sir Nestor Notob, SBP-ASM where he highlighted the word “EAT” from the word “GREAT” w/c stands for Excellence-Accountability-Teamwork. The other participants such as sir Joselito C. Blanco, RSM and all the DSM’s; Sir Edgar Broquil, SBP-Plant Controller; Sir Valentine Ramos, Mega-Asia Plant Manager have committed a number of deliverables for the year 2016. It was indeed a good start of aiming for the best production target.

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