Mission & Vision
The vision of Asiawide Refreshments Corporation is to be:

The lowest cost producer of RTD/non-alcoholic beverages and To be able to market products with the best quality and value.

This is the vision - the seed that ARC planted when it started in 2003. Constantly cared for by relentless hardwork, refreshed by innovative ideas and nurtured with excellence. The seedling emerged, blossomed and branched out. Now this seedling shows the promise of becoming a great and formidable tree.

At Asiawide Refreshments
Corporation …

We value relationships,
We produce superior value,
We uphold good values.
Valuing relationships is about how we branch out, how we grow with our peers, with stakeholders and dealers. These are the two green droplets on our logo. A two-way relationship of give and take.

Producing superior value is about bearing good fruit. The red droplet is our passion for innovation and excellence.

Upholding good values keep us firmly planted on the ground. The blue droplet is our integrity and ideals.

Now, this is what Asiawide Refreshments Corporation is all about. Our trademark. Our character. Our personality.