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Diskarteng ARC “Accountability”

An exceptional service has been rendered by one of our Safety Inspector in Canlubang plant, Mr. Michael M. Diaz, wherein he was able to discover undeclared RC Products (in can) and prevent possible pilferage last March 5, 2016 while on duty. Based on the reports and evidences, the individuals involved in this were dealt accordingly due to the violation of the CRR under Article 1 section 4. Subsequently, a certificate of Appreciation was conferred to S.I Diaz for his outstanding work by HRO Mr. Robert Manalo, ASM Mr. Ricky Estrella and Senior Safety Supervisor- Mr. Reynaldo R. Torricer witnessed by Canlubang Plant MANCOM and CPSSI Representatives.

This truly is a “Diskarteng ARC”- Accountability in which everyone should conform and observe as this denotes one of our core values- GREAT . A job well done for Safety Inspector Diaz- May he stand as a role model for all the employees in ARC Refreshments Corporation.

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