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Health and Wellness “A bike to remember”

In our workplace, a balanced environment and lifestyle is being promoted. This supports the idea of having work-life equilibrium, thus, promoting healthy programs and activities. One of the recreational programs that we are promoting is the “biking” exercise; this in which it has cardiovascular and physical benefits that sooner or later will contribute to our wellness.


Last February 21, 2016, a 7/11 Trail 2016 event was held at timberland heights, San Mateo,Rizal and was participated by our colleagues in ARC. There were 10 participants coming from our end (Corporate/Kaybiga/ Antipolo) namely: Mr Junar Acosta, Mr. Rodel Aulistia, Mr. Daveed Casal, Mr. Danilo Marbella, Mr. Jose Rey Raquepo, Mr. Joseph Rey Raquepo, Mr. Brillant Hero Onan, Mr. Edmond Atanacio, Mr. Herbert Santos and Mr. Raul Viernes; others are from the different companies who also joined the said event. We would like to extend our gratitude to Mr. Waldimar Sagum, our Modern Trade Supervisor for sponsoring our side.

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