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Media Training 2016

ARC Refreshments Corporation together with – NGP our official media partner, has given us the opportunity to be trained in terms of Crisis Management, especially when there are issues involving media and a need arises for us to construct structured communication.

This Media Training took place at Bellevue Hotel last January 29, 2016 and was attended by top executives of ARC and selected participants who primarily handle product inquiries/complaints from different plants. The program started with a welcome speech by our Executive Vice President and COO, Mr. Gerry T. Garcia.

The program was divided into two parts: the media backgrounder which was discussed by Mr. Rene Pineda of NGP IMC, and the actual media interview undertaken by Jeck Batallones, Senior Reporter of ABS-CBN 2 along with Ms. Tina Dumlao, Editor of Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Of great significance and value was the discussion about the Do’s and Don’ts during an interview as it gave us a clearer understanding of the whole situation. Aside from that, participants were also able to extract and gain new ideas about how to formulate key messages. Moreover, we were also given basic guidelines and proper techniques to adapt to whatever strange settings that may arise in the company. At the end of the training, we have somehow developed “competency” in managing crisis situations.

The program ended with a Q&A session which helped summarize the whole point of the training exercise.

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