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RC Cola Army’s Remarkable Comeback

Another Philippine Superliga conference had started and it was not an easy journey for our RC Cola Army. In this year’s Invitational Cup, the RC Cola has partnered with the Philippine Army Lady Troopers. Through this collaboration, they have tagged the team as “RC Cola-Army Troopers” which aims to go after their mission- to triumph over this season!

The Lady troopers have won the league’s first three titles before taking the three- conference hiatus. However, the team admitted that a lot of things happened during their temporary departure. They also conceded that their veteran players were starting to slow down and were not in perfect shape anymore. But now, there are a lot of fresh new players and the young ones have gotten better. This also serves as an opportunity to let other players take the spotlight like Jovelyn Gonzaga, Honey Royse Tubino, Tin Agno and Rachel Anne Daquis.

Confidently we have ensured that we got all the bullets and weapons in this battle called ‘Volleyball’, and we’re not disappointed with the outcome of this clash. We emerged victorious against all the teams in this conference. Not only they were the champion against the local teams, RC Cola Army Troopers was also the only team who won against the unbeatable Thailand Team, EST Cola. Being the Champion of this conference is very significant for the Lady Troopers as this is their first game after their break and it was indeed a great return.

Bagging the highest place this season was really an overpowering experience. All of them were pressured but definitely there’s a greater weight over the troop’s team captain, Jovelyn Gonzaga. She is really known as an outstanding player and was even the team captain of Philippine Women’s National Volleyball Team who competed at Southeast Asian Games 2015. Even before, Gonzaga is already acknowledged in the volleyball scene, making her own mark, and getting numerous awards from different volleyball league in the country. As expected of her, the team captain did not deliver less than the best in this conference which undeniably empowered her teammates to conquer this Invitational Conference. Adding to her several medals is the MVP Award in this year’s Philippine Superliga Invitational.

Another key player and one of the most recognized volleyball beauties in the country is Rachel Anne Daquis. She joined the 2015 All Filipino tournament where she had won the MVP award, and also the championship game in the Grand Prix conference. She may have a buoyant and virtuous look but her game says otherwise. The court is her battlefield where she unleashes her inner fiery and aggressive side. And now, Rachel is finally ‘Home’ as we welcome her in our squad.

There’s more mission to complete, a lot of obstacles to overcome, and plenty of opponents to beat. Whatever they may be facing in this league, the troop can expect a full support from RC Cola. Will they be able to be the Champion in all the PSL 2016 conferences’? We have yet to see what they can do.

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