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“Resbakan Na” ARC Sales Commanders held military-inspired Sales Rally

Lahat ng inagaw, bawiin. Lahat ng sa kalaban, angkinin. Walang sasantuhin.” – The powerful battlecry of this year’s National Sales Rally. The much-awaited annual event was for the first time held in two premier locations, at PICC Manila and SMX Convention Center Davao.

Sales commanders from Metro East Seal Team, South Luzon Commandos, Metro North Rangers, Pampanga Marines, Isabela Elite Squad, SBP Ang Probinsyano, Davao Dangerous Snipers, CDO Hunters, Cebu Warriors and Modern Trade Army were gathered to become a strong, one team. Armed with determination, all teams showed enthusiasm on what is going to happen that day.

As an opening remark, National Sales Manager – Traditional Trade, Mr. Ruel Aquino emphasized that, “They are hungry. They want to wipe us out”. Referring to our competitors, he announced to the team that 2016 will be a very tough year for ARC as competitors are attacking our stronghold, sari-sari stores; duplicating our programs and even matching our market prices. But, Aquino is confident that we can face them head on through hard work.

We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”, an excerpt from the speech of Nokia CEO Ziyad Jawabra. Our EVP-COO Mr. Gerry Garcia adopted this quote to best deliver his message to everybody, we should not be complacent and we have to protect what is ours. “Resbakbakan” is all about trying to develop the killer’s instinct in ARC sales force towards the competition and the trade. “The competition was so intense that they have to develop their fighting spirit further”, he added. “We are fighting with them on all fronts. We are attacking them on product development. We will also attack them on downline distribution through DRD (Direct Route Distribution system). We have the capability, we have the people and we have the resources to fight back. All we need is your commitment, your resolve to really get back at them”, he explained.

RCCI Managing Director Mr. Francis Lamprea congratulates ARC for being the number one RC Cola franchise and the top overseas bottler for the third straight year now. “Veni, vidi, vici” (“I came, I saw, I conquered”), a famous line from the Great Roman General Julius Caesar became the center of his message. He is confident that ARC sales commanders will always win the battle.

ARC Chairman Mr. Alfred Yao gives a short but remarkable thought that enlightened and strengthened the sales force. He said that we are in line with the theme by humbly accepting that we lose something in the battle. But, we are committed to get back what belongs to us. He also challenged the sales commanders if they can do the job of recovering RC cola exclusive outlets lured by rivals to sell other softdrinks brands and to get their competitors’ own exclusive outlets. A resounding ‘Yes’ surrounded the whole venue. Mr. Yao ended his speech by saying, “I will expect that from you”.

RC Cola Army Troopers, led by Rachel Ann Daquis and Jovelyn Gonzaga showed up and give a dance number with the top management and other sales commanders. The whole volleyball team visited the event to support and represent the Company in the Philippine Super Liga. The 2014 Lapu-Lapu Sales Excellence Awards’ recipients Jojo Esguerra, Limel Legisma, Joel Castro and Arjie Paja was also invited to share their one-week experience to travel in Columbus, Georgia, USA. Another highlight of the event is the inspirational and entertaining talk from the speaker and author Michael Angelo Lobrin. The audience was very happy and all laughing out loud because of his sense of humor. Also, a short per plant presentation showcased the talent and creativity of sales commanders, Pangasinan and Cebu plants bagged the cash prizes.

The main highpoint of the event was the team building and pledging of commitment. The team building aims to unite all sales commanders and think of strategies that will surpass every challenges. All challenges require sharing of ideas, exchanging of thought that will eventually help to develop leadership, solidarity and unity. Mr. Aquino initiates the pledging of commitment through the Regional Sales Managers down to the Area Sales Managers. National Sales Manager – Modern Trade Mr. Ramon Santos also commits to deliver the sales target this year through the National Key Accounts Group. The National Sales Managers commits to deliver the target to Mr. Garcia and then Mr. Garcia gives the commitment to Chairman Yao.

Finally, a very convincing fight scene led by Sales Commanders entertained the crowd showing how we reacted in every battle, be it against giant competitors. The event ended by jointly singing the ARC Hymn. Everybody was once again energized, empowered and inspired to win any other battles.

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